IBM’s Innovation Centre for Education better known as IBM – ICE is an elite institution of higher technical education and offers a special Graduate degree course. In affiliate partnership between People’s University and IBM; the Information Technology giant of the modern era. IBM – ICE is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Bhopal. 

Peoples University Of Bhopal, which is home to the IBM – ICE boasts of a high tech campus that spreads over 80 acres of land is a modern center for excellence in education.

IBM – ICE located within People’s University of Bhopal, is one place you want to join if you are looking for more than just standard education and a degree.

Special features of the institute

  • Only University in Madhya Pradesh offering a full time Degree course in partnership with IBM – There are a lot of colleges and Universities as well as private institutes offering part time courses in association with different companies, but what sets IBM – ICE apart is that it offers a full time Degree and not a mere certificate course.
  • The degree course and syllabus is completely designed by IBM, and also IBM is heavily involved in the campus placements assistance which has made it possible to achieve 100% placements for students in the past few years.
  • Another distinct feature of ICE is the Gurukul Academy which is an integral part of the institute, Gurukul Academy is involved in providing students with workshops, guest lectures by IBM industry professionals and additional courses like SME workshops, T3 programmes which are not taught in any other place.
  • Unlike most other Institutes IBM – ICE provides lectures delivered by IBM’s extremely highly experienced experts which helps students in developing industry specific, job specific critical skills which sets them apart from the competition.

In the modern times, having a basic degree and working knowledge and  expertise is not enough. To excel and get the best opportunities one needs to possess an edge, something extra, something different. This is where the age old education style of classroom learning and books is not enough.

To excel in today’s job market, you have to understand the industry, it’s working style, modern practices and most of all you need to identify your own strengths and skills and align yourself to get the best the job market has to offer. This is where an institution like IBM – ICE comes in handy.

The Information Technology industry of the modern era is an evolved industry with 100’s of different jobs, roles, expertise in high demand which are not always met. The IT industry is dynamic and is evolving constantly and very rapidly. 

To cope with the constant rapid changes it needs professionals who are trained in most modern and cutting edge and latest trends. This I exactly where IBM – ICE rises head and shoulders above any other course that is available in the market today.

The high standards and facilities of Peoples University injected with knowledge and help from IBM create a potent combination.  One that focuses on strengthening the basics and at the same time also providing students with most modern cutting edge industry knowhow thanks to IBM.

As mentioned earlier the courseware and syllabus is directly monitored by IBM, and hence initial s constantly modernized and updated with latest from the industry, keeping in mind future demands of the industry. This provides students with an opportunity both timely and unique to lay down foundations for a big career.